Exports/Supply Chain Systems

You know your goals: You want to grow fast!  From start-up to mid-size; from mid-size to international; or from being a small business in Africa but want to use the opportunities of Africa Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA).  Nakum-Soft Companypartners with you during these crucial growth stages of your business and help accelerate your global integration process.  We analyze your unique success factors and lead you to do more of them in your operations, digital marketing, product packaging, international sales, global distribution and supply chain integration strategies in the United States of America.

Don’t think your company is too small to join a multinational’s supply chain system. Remember these multinational companies need your company as much as you need them. That is the reality of today’s global supply chain integration systems.

The reality is that larger corporations are looking to partner with small, specialized companies.Smaller companies have the niche products, fast turnaround times and close customer relationships that multinationals need to stay innovative and competitive.

Nakum-Soft help companies with a well-thought-out plan that assesses their capabilities and how they contribute to building a resilient and flexible supply chain that can be integrated into a global supply chain system. We help companies treat supply chain management as a core element of their business strategy adopting best practices and developing the requisite skills needed by multinational corporations.

Too often small companies like (AGOA) exporters to the United States, lack the resources and expertise required to do business in a foreign market. So what Nakum-Soft does is use its sophisticated integration systems to partner these small companies with an American company already embedded in a global supply chain.

Growth Strategies for (AGOA) Businesses

  • Vision, Mission, and Brand Design
  • Market Analysis
  • Unique Selling Preposition Analysis
  • Growth Capabilities
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Process Optimization

Growth Strategies for Mid-Sized (AGOA) Companies

  • Business Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Growth Capability Assessment
  • Vision, Values, Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Agile Workflows
  • Adaptive Organization Designs
  • Organizational Brand Story

Growth Strategies for (AGOA) Businesses International Expansions

  • Growth Capability Assessments
  • Digital Marketing Analysis
  • Cultural Adaptability Analysis
  • Culture-centric Sales and Marketing
  • International Brand Development
  • Compliance and Legal Implications
  • International Incubation and Free Trade Zone Integration