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Is Your Business Ready for Data Analytics & Business Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is quickly changing how we think of online conversational marketing, or marketing via chatbots across websites and social media platforms. According to Harvard Business Review article, Artificial Intelligence can create $1.4-$2.6 trillion of value in marketing and sales using machine learning models for companies worldwide. Our AI team help clients deploy website AI chatbots, AI Email Assistants and AI Messenger Assistants to engage one-to-one with your clients about specific products and services or to offer

recommendations on what to do or buy next. This is good news for exporters and distributors in Africa.

When African export businesses expand across the globe and change time zones, a large communication gap instills. During the waking hours of one country, another across the globe experiences nighttime. This is when artificial intelligence serves as a powerful tool to help marketers and sales teams in Africa communicate with their clients abroad while they sleep.

These tools help forward-thinking companies empower customers to ask sophisticated questions online before even making phone calls or meeting sales representatives. This is the future of marketing and sales alignment supported by intelligent automation.

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing is upon us. The August 2019 CMO Survey confirms this, with corporate marketers reporting a 27% increase in the implementation of AI and machine learning (ML) in marketing toolkits compared to just six months prior. This large uptick is just the beginning of marketers’ commitment to improving customer insights, personalization, targeting, and predictive capabilities, among other applications. Marketers project a 59% increase in the use of these tools in the next three years.

Our Team Will Build Machine Learning Models for Your Company to Increase Online Sales:

Website Chatbots

Smart chatbots are one of the top use cases for AI in conversational marketing.

AI-powered bots can automatically engage with site visitors in real-time. They can answer questions people have by “reading” the content on your website and serving it up when it’s relevant. They can even schedule sales meetings at the right time, once they determine time is right for human interaction.

AI Email Assistants

Conversational AI is also used to conduct two-way email conversations with prospects. These emails look like they come from a human, but actually come from a sophisticated AI-powered bot that “understands” what’s being said and determines the right response.

This empower companies to use AI to engage cold leads, automate engagement with less qualified or lower priority leads, qualify more leads helping sales development reps to focus on specific goals at a time.

AI Messenger Assistants

Across sites and messaging platforms, conversational AI makes it possible to have personalized conversations at scale.AI messengers then learn from these engagements about what consumers want and need. That produces highly personalized conversations (and, eventually, conversions) across web properties, online stores, and messaging platforms.

                                               Data Analytics for Your Business Operations

Data is becoming the new raw material of every business. A company’s ability to learn, and translate data analytics into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. Data is the new currency, and it’s the medium of exchange between consumers and marketers, without data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out on the internet like a deer on highway.

At its core, analytics is simply the science of mining data to visualize insights, but it’s never as simple as it sounds. Today’s market and sales leaders are using advanced analytics as a core competitive advantage, allowing them to agilely respond to market changes and win their best customers’ choice. Our sister company Pivot BI Analytics uses your company’s data to create visualization dashboards that forces you to see interactive insights of what you never expect to see in your business analysis. The goal is to turn your company’s data into information insight….click to learn more.