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Nakum-Soft Business Consultants offers comprehensive business solutions to small and mid-sized market businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Our services include business planning, digital marketing, private label branding,  export compliance, and supply chain consulting. With a presence in Ghana and the United States, we cater to clients across Africa and the United States. Our business was established in 2008, and since then, we have been delivering high-quality services to our clients. With offices in both Ghana and the US, we are well-positioned to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in different regions.

At Nakum-Soft Business Consultants, we believe in a collaborative approach to problem-solving. We work closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, and management teams to identify any issues and challenges that may be hindering their company's growth and success. Our intensive and hands-on process allows us to pinpoint areas of improvement and develop targeted solutions to help your business achieve its fullest potential.

At Nakum-Soft Business Consultants, we recognize that great people are the cornerstone of any successful business. We are proud to have a team of experts who bring a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to the table. Our team is passionate, curious, and committed to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends and developments. We believe in investing in our people and nurturing a culture that values learning and growth. By doing so, we create an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, allowing us to deliver breakthrough results for our clients. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we prioritize their care and development to ensure that we continue to offer unique and insightful solutions to our clients.

Our Process  : we recognize that small and midsize businesses often struggle to implement effective strategies due to limited resources and expertise. That's why we've created a unique approach to consulting that focuses on turning opportunities into action. We work closely with our clients to develop clear and actionable goals, but we don't stop there. We see each consulting project through to implementation, leveraging our expertise to help our clients bring innovative ideas to life. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the core business values of each company, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each client. With Nakum-Soft, our clients can trust that they are not just receiving advice, but a partner who is committed to seeing their business succeed.

Our approach : Our approach is grounded in a commitment to understanding the underlying drivers of success in each client's business. We ask questions like "how and why will this strategy work in the long-term?" and "how do you measure specific KPIs in your company?" to develop a deep understanding of what drives success in each unique business. We believe in leveraging data to drive decisions, rather than relying on guesswork. Our expertise in marketing tools and data analytics allows us to offer tailored solutions to each client's unique challenges. We work tirelessly to improve our clients' strategies and are committed to delivering breakthrough results. If you have any questions or problems with your business, we are here to help., contact us today

Ghana (AGOA) & (Non-AGOA) Exports to the United States (Millions of $$)
Ghana (AGOA) Exports to the United States (Thousands of $$)
Africa Total (AGOA) & (Non-AGOA) Exports to USA ( Billions of $$)
Africa Total (AGOA) Exports to the United States ( Billions of $$)

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