About Us

Nakum-Soft Business Consultants provide business planning, digital marketing, packaging & export compliance, supply chain consulting services to small and mid-size market businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. We are currently  registered in Ghana, we serve clients throughout Africa and the United States. We have been in business since 2008 and have offices in Ghana and USA.

We engage business owners, entrepreneurs and management teams in an intensive, collaborative process to identify and resolve any issues and challenges that may be preventing your company from achieving its fullest potential.

People First
It takes great people to do great business. Our people are the source of our unique expertise and why we’ve designed a platform that inspires the curious mind. The care of our people and culture is our highest priority. We nurture and learn from every team member. We do this to create an insightful company to ensure breakthrough results for our clients.

Our Process
All too often small and midsize businesses waste resources on strategies that are never put to work. We have created Nakum-Soft to change that. We help our clients create business opportunities with clear goals, but we don’t stop there. We see consulting projects through and help implement innovative ideas, focusing on the core business values of each company.

Our approach                         

Everything we do revolves around asking good questions like “how and why this is going to work in the long-term?” “we focus on how do we measure specific KPI's?” “what can be done to make this faster, cheaper and better?” We look for ways to shift sales & marketing resources to the most effective strategies based on data not guess work. We have experimented with the best marketing tools and data analytics so we solve each client's problem uniquely and work tirelessly to improve client’s strategy.  If you have any questions and problems with your business, contact us today

Ghana (AGOA) & (Non-AGOA) Exports to the United States (Millions of $$)
Ghana (AGOA) Exports to the United States (Thousands of $$)
Africa Total (AGOA) & (Non-AGOA) Exports to USA ( Billions of $$)
Africa Total (AGOA) Exports to the United States ( Billions of $$)

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